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An ancient Indian health science, with the simple denotation of Ayu meaning Life, Veda meaning Science. The science of life.


Ayurveda focuses on simple tools for leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle through a natural science which promotes natural remedies handed down

through generations through time. Though the principles are over 5000 years old, they are still applicable in modern day life.

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The main foundation of Ayurveda are 5 basic elements or Panca Maha Bhuta which are known to create the universe.


Prithivi (Earth), Aap (Water), Teja (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Space). When there is an imbalance in the mind and body, using produce from the
environment helps to balance ailments with the aim of promoting total health and wellbeing. The Panca Maha Bhutas in combination produce the
three doshas of the body. Vāta, Pita & Kapha. Three doshas are responsible for functions of the body.

Vāta gives movement and sensation, Pitta gives heat and Kapha gives a water base, structure and stability.
These three doshas maintains the body and cause ailments in the body if aggravated. Each individual has these three doshas in varying proportions.
Prakriti is defined by the presence of each Dosha in their varying quantities within the body constitution.

For example, if one has a larger measure of Vāta Dosha than Pita or
Kapha in their normal state, then that individual is considered as a Vāta
Prakriti person.

Prakriti does not only refer to physical body. As Ayurveda is a holistic
approach, health is always referred as physical, mental, & spiritual

Therefore, Prakriti too is about physical, mental health which affects
ones social & spiritual activity. Vāta, Pita, Kapha with their
characteristics control both physical prakriti and mental prakriti.

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Maintaining correct balance of this is what helps us to live a Hita Ayush (favourable life) and Sukha Ayush (happy life) & Dirga Ayush (long life)..